Bumby Wool Care

Machine wash wool? ● I know that sounds wrong but let's talk about this ●

Our wool is felted or shrunk already ● It is harder to rinse by hand ● It easier and works by machine ● It actually gets clean

We recommend Washing with Unicorns - Doesn’t that sound like a dream? Well let's make it a reality.

We have partnered with Unicorn Laundry Care products because they are the best product I have found for our wool.  Wash and Rinse with Unicorns ● It is cloth diaper safe ● Unscented ● Wool and fine fiber safe ● Made in the USA ● Highly concentrated ● 1 tiny TBSP does a whole load of wool

● We recommend pre-dissolving it before adding to the machine ● Unicorn products are also cloth diaper safe, so you can do it all with one product ● The only fabric softener/conditioner I use or would recommend and it is CLOTH DIAPER FRIENDLY Rinse and rinse some more

Our wool is thick and soft and likes to hold fluid. Which means it will hold onto soap and detergent unless it is rinsed and washed well. So we highly recommend using not only very little soap, but also to rinse well. Unicorn Beyond Soft in a natural Fabric Conditioner. It helps keep the fibers soft and healthy.


  1. Step 1 -  Dissolve 1 TBSP of Unicorn Beyond Clean in some water
  2. Step 2  - Add wool to your washing machine
  3. Step 3 -  Add dissolved detergent to the dispenser
  4. Step 4  - Turn on washer to Cool setting (use wool setting or lower spin) RINSE Do a secondary rinse cycle, aka rinse and spin with pre-dissolved Beyond Soft Conditioner. We also recommend doing this every so often to refresh your wool between washes. It removes light soiling and neutralized salts

Want to wash by hand? ● Some do not have a machine or they don’t trust their machine ● If you are doing it by hand please use very little detergent ● Pre-dissolve and really mix up the bath first ● Rinse and rinse, then rinse some more. That soap can be damaging ● Get as much water out as possible ● Soap and water bloating cause damage to wool so being too gentle can cause unknown damage

Bumby offers a full wool care brochure that can be found at: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1okNS5yB2p68dFeHAVbbSe_wDaiz0kg8-PQeqq0F6KRo/edit