Mikayla Gilkey- June 2022

Battling Leaks

Leaks are NO fun. The last thing you want to worry about when you are getting your kiddo up for the morning is having to add to your laundry load because your cloth diaper didn’t contain the pee or poo! We’ve been there and we’ve done that. So what’s the solution?

There are a couple of things to consider when dealing with leaks:

  • Am I adding enough absorbency?
  • Am I achieving a proper fit?
  • Are my diapers free of buildup?


Absorbency is a BIG deal. When first exploring cloth diapers or troubleshooting, it can be intimidating to be met with so many options for both diapers AND inserts. When thinking about which absorbent fibers to use, consider how quickly they absorb and also how much. Absorbency can make or break your experience with cloth diapering, especially if you have a heavy wetter or flooder. The materials you want to invest in are the natural fibers that pack a lot of punch while avoiding plastics. Open the tabs below to discover which fiber, or combination of fibers, work best for your family! Below each type of fiber I also included how sustainable they are to the environment.

When troubleshooting diaper leaks, be sure that you are using the right insert combinations for your kiddo. As they are drinking more liquids and eating more foods, opting for higher absorbing materials can save you a lot of headache. Try combining inserts together and invest in inserts with more layers of natural materials.Grab your favorite inserts here

The Perfect Fit

The fit of your diapers could very well be playing a part in your leak troubles. Here are things to check for:

  • Does your waist cover the 2 finger rule? A proper waist fit allows for two finger widths between the diaper and the kiddo's tummy
  • Is your diaper's leg elastics tucked into the leg creases? You should see no gaps where the elastics touch your kiddo's legs. The elastics should be snug against the skin without being tight
  • Is the diaper overall snug around your kiddo without being too tight and leaving angry marks?


Confident you are using the correct absorbency and your fit is secure but you are suddenly dealing with leaks? You could have buildup! Buildup in your diapers can be evident by odors such as ammonia or barnyard smells. It can also be evident by sudden repelling of liquids. Buildup can be caused by difference things such as:

  • Detergent buildup- most commonly seen in soft water that has not successfully washed out all of the detergent from the diapers
  • Mineral buildup- most commonly seen in hard water that has not been treated by added water softeners to the washing machine during a load or a water softening system

Buildup is no fun and can be a pain to get under control. However, it can be easily avoided by establishing a good wash routine.