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The Buzz Club


What is The Buzz Club? 

Fluffy goodness that is automatically delivered to your door once a month!

Contents will include:

HBH Limited Edition, unreleased, pocket diaper with a quality insert

You can choose  "Bumble Bee" (Boy) or "Honey Bee" (Girl) 

The price is $15 with free shipping in the USA!

You will need to sign up for an account for this subscription box.

You will be automatically charged to the credit card on file before your shipment goes out. Shipment dates remain the same each month after sign up.  

Need to pause, cancel or change your membership?  Sign into your HBH customer account, select "manage my membership" and follow the prompts 

Occasionally we will send a alternate brand pocket diaper but rest assured that the quality will be the same. 


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