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I previously wrote a review giving this item 3 stars. At that time, my baby was 4 months old and these diapers were the only ones that still didn't fit her. Fast-forward to when she was 8 months old. Now I've been having a more difficult time with getting a good fit with her other diapers that have snap closures. She seems to be in between the snap settings. She's almost 11 months now, it's been three months and she is still in between the snap settings. I wish I had more of the Thirsties hook and loop diapers. The Thirsties hook and loop pockets have been getting the absolute perfect fit and I never get leaks. They are also trimmer than my other diapers. The exterior material that I previously complained was stiff even after prepping and then one month's usage is no longer a problem. The exterior is less stiff now and although the interior cotton lining gets stiff after hang drying, I don't mind it. My husband and mom can use these diapers (they still can't do regular snap diapers) and I love how I can get the perfect fit on her. I have 6 of them now and hope to get more soon.


These boosters are the perfect width for younger babies, they don’t add so much bulk to the diaper like others. And they are so absorbent.

Love the absorbency but fit is small

I love this material. Preflats are the only cloth diaper that don’t leak for me. I have the regular sized preflats that are pretty big and bulky on my son so I thought I’d try the newborn size. My son is 3M and these would have fit him perfectly if the wings were longer. I don’t even think they would have made it around his waist when he was a newborn. But overall, I love the fabric so much because of how absorbent it is. I think I’ll just sew some extra fabric on the wings so I can actually secure it on him.

Thirsties Menstrual Pad

It smelled amazing

Smells amazing ,Only negative thing is my bottle was a leaky mess

Love Mears French Diapering Cream

Great cover

Fits my 6# baby, doesn’t leak. I like the Velcro and they work great with the newborn bamboo prefolds

This is really nice as a padfold.

I've wanted this diaper for 5 years and it did not disappoint.

Geffen Cotton Fitted Diapers – Medium (Green Edge)

Good pricing and good quality.

Great Quality

Love love love the AWJ from Mama Koala. Thanks Happy Beehinds for keeping it affordable!

Preemie Diapers!

With our grandbaby being born 3 weeks early, we did not have anything to fit her including her cloth diapers we had, once getting online we found these and got a few different ones in preemie sizes and they fit perfect!!! Our favorite is the all in one!!! Will definitely be buying more as she grows :)

This was a gift and I think this one was her favorite

Organic Cotton Booster by Happy BeeHinds

These work so good for boosting my preflats.

Redwood Cloth Co 4-Layer Bifold Doubler

We love our redwood diapers! I am extremely thankful that Happy BeeHinds carries their brand. The bifold are our favorite inserts and even hold up for overnight diapers as well.

Bamboo Tri-Fold Insert by Happy BeeHinds

These work so well for my 3 year old during the day.

Exclusive Mama Koala 2.0 Pocket Diaper - Bat Shield

Smells SO good!!

Excited to try the Exclusive Watermelon Lavendar scent. This scent smells SO good 😊. I have been using on my sore feet and it works!!

Diaper pod

I absolutely love my diaper pods! I got one for my daughter and one for my son to keep their diapers separated and easier to find in the diaper bag. The pods are well mad and so cute!

All in two diaper

Bought this diaper to use as an overnight diaper, and it has worked wonderfully! I loved that I only needed to wash and dry once and it was ready to use. I will say, both the shell and the insert take awhile to dry. I try to hang dry all covers, but this one does need to go in the dryer for a little while. Other than that, it's a wonderful diaper! I wish I had purchased sooner, as my little one is close to outgrowing this size.

Hanging Wet Bag
RoseMary Wells
Sea turtle Wetbag

We Love this wetbag!! It is quite large and roomy, holds about 2 days worth of cloth diapers, which is a wash load for us. Will be so perfect as a beach bag as well! If you have several kids, I would recommend a wetbag for swimsuits, and an extra wetbag for wet towels. Highly recommend!

Helps my RLS

It works wonders for my restless legs.

I’ve been using this cream for almost a month now, 3-4 times a week. (I am a tester) Within 5 minutes of having rubbed it on my legs, the tingling sensations and the urge to move my legs stop, and I can finally rest.

Will definitely buy again.

Love this cream

Chefs kiss on this one. Smells amazing and is so soothing for my pregnant achy body. Love it