Kanga Care and Happy BeeHinds Announce Patent Licensing Collaboration


Kanga Care and Happy BeeHinds Announce Patent Licensing Collaboration for Double Inner Gusset Technology in Cloth Diapers [Golden, CO] - Kanga Care LLC, a leading manufacturer and innovator in the cloth diaper industry, is thrilled to announce a licensing collaboration with Happy BeeHinds, the second licensee to be granted licensing rights for the patented Double Inner Gusset Technology. The licensing agreement, which takes effect immediately, grants Happy BeeHinds the right to use Kanga Care's patented leak prevention technology to enhance the design of its cloth diaper products by including double inner gussets.

The Double Inner Gusset Technology, pioneered by Kanga Care, has set new standards for excellence in the cloth diapering industry. Its innovative design provides an additional layer of superior protection and containment against leaks, addressing the needs of modern parents who seek top-tier performance in their diapering choices with the added confidence of a mess-free experience. This unique feature has become a must-have amongst customers when researching brands on the marketplace while making purchasing decisions for their families. Key Benefits of the Double Inner Gusset Technology include: • Enhanced Leak Protection: The dual gussets provide an additional barrier against leaks, ensuring a drier and more comfortable experience for babies. • Optimized Containment: The innovative design offers superior containment, reducing the likelihood of messes and blowouts, reducing outfit, and bedding changes, and providing peace of mind to parents. • Comfort and Flexibility: The technology seamlessly enhances the cloth diaper performance and reduces gaps, which cause poor fit and leaking, maintaining a comfortable fit for babies while accommodating their active movements. Since its invention in 2006, the technology has been widely recognized in the industry as a game-changer in cloth diaper design. Julie Ekstrom, owner, and CEO of Kanga Care created the solution for her infant daughter’s rashes and leaking diapers as a frustrated parent and grew a “kitchen table” company into a global brand, becoming one of the leading competitors for cloth diapers and accessories on the market today.

Happy BeeHinds entered the cloth diaper industry, first, as a retail store selling Julie’s original invention, the Rumparooz One Size Cloth Diaper, and other Kanga Care products, amongst other cloth diaper brands. Happy BeeHinds recently branched out into its own brand of cloth diapers and is excited to incorporate this innovative technology into its own diaper line, further enhancing the quality and performance of its offerings. "We are very excited to announce our partnership with Happy BeeHinds, marking the second company to license our revolutionary technology,” said Julie Ekstrom, CEO of Kanga Care, expressing enthusiasm about the collaboration. "Sharing our innovative technology with Happy BeeHinds will drive further advancements in the cloth diaper industry. Our double inner gusset technology has set our products apart, and witnessing its adoption by another prominent market player is truly exciting.

This agreement is set to make cloth diapers more widely available, providing parents with a greater selection of top-quality, leak-proof choices in mainstream markets." “Happy BeeHinds originated from a desire to provide diapers for my grandchildren. We pour that same dedication into providing diapering solutions for all families now,” said Jalayna Rairigh, owner of Happy BeeHinds. “Happy BeeHinds strives to provide diapering solutions for every cloth diapering family in need. The Kanga Care double inner gusset is the ultimate leak protection feature that upgrades the cloth diapering experience!" The licensing agreement between Kanga Care and Happy BeeHinds marks another significant milestone in the cloth diaper industry. Both companies look forward to the positive impact this collaboration will have on the parenting community.

About Kanga Care LLC Kanga Care LLC, a leading manufacturer and distributor of cloth diapers, accessories, and baby care products, has consistently secured the #1 Best Overall Cloth Diaper position for its Rumparooz line for the ninth consecutive year, through the rigorous hands-on testing methods of BabyGearLabs. This recognition underscores the company's unwavering commitment to delivering premier diapering solutions and maintaining its industry-leading position. Founded in 2007 by Julie Ekstrom, a mother of five, Kanga Care is headquartered in Golden, Colorado, USA. Its products are widely available in retailers across the United States and internationally. The company is acclaimed for its innovative cloth diaper features, particularly the patented double inner gusset technology present in the Rumparooz line, offering superior leak protection. This technology is seamlessly integrated into other key Kanga Care brands, namely the Lil Joeys and Ecoposh Fitteds. Beyond cloth diapers, Kanga Care expands its product range to include environmentally friendly baby care items such as wet bags, changing pads, bamboo blankets, and teething products. These offerings reflect the company's commitment to sustainability and the provision of high-quality, safe products for families. Many of Kanga Care's products are crafted from organic, natural, and recycled materials, aligning with their dedication to both baby and environmental well-being.

About Happy BeeHinds LLC Happy BeeHinds has been on a mission since 2015 to make it easy and affordable for every family to choose cloth. Jalayna Rairigh, the owner, is committed to sustainably building the business by focusing on the health of our babies and the environment.