We designed our cloth diapers with comfortability and longevity in mind.

Dino Diapers pocket diapers are made with a waterproof PUL tummy panel, athletic wicking jersey (AWJ) inner, and a thick back elastic to help prevent leaks and leave your little love feeling dry. Our covers offer double leg gussets, a front tummy elastic, and front and back flip panels to accommodate you and your babes customized absorbency needs.

Striving for inclusivity, our one-size reusable diapers fit little bodies 8-65+ lbs. so, they will truly fit most children throughout their entire diapering journey.

Dino Diapers

Dino Diapers Reusable Pocket Diapers

Pocket Diaper

90,00 kr
Dino Diapers Reusable Cover Diapers

Diaper Cover

98,00 kr