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Thirsties Duo Wrap Diaper Cover - Size 2

The "EZ" Pocket Diaper - Wintertide Collection

So very soft and absorbent

I love these. They are soft, absorbent, and trim. We use them as part of our night tie diaper rotation. My daughter soaks them over night and we never have issues with her leaking, waking up because she's wet, or her turning red from them being soaked.

Love these … size up

These are super trim and also great covers! Sized up to a one size plus for my 13-lb baby and it fits perfectly with room to grow.

Mama Koala 2.0 AWJ Pocket Diaper

Love this stuff!

I've bought it from Love, Mears before but it was out of stock plus shipping takes weeks so I ordered through HBH and shipping was QUICK!! 🙌

ELF Baby
Julianne L
Pretty good diapers!

These diapers are great! My only complaint is the wash tabs aren’t large enough so the Velcro gets stuck to other things in the laundry.

Loving so far!

Loving these so far! My 2 1/2 year old is potty trained but we still use diapers for naps/bed and having to throw disposable diapers out bc they’re dry hurt me so I’m so happy I discovered cloth diapers and will definitely be trying with the next kiddo!

Happy Flute Diaper Cover


I LOVE the pocket diapers!! The AWJ makes a world of difference with a kiddo that runs hot! And they feel way better.

Pretty good

The grand works well for our kiddo. Im just annoyed that when one was out of stock they said they refunded it and only a little of the shipping cost. I needed 5 and got 4. Now if I go back to buy a fifth one it is no longer on sell and I have to pay shipping for just one.

Uber soft

Used grovia ones for night time diapers with my older son. Expecting a new baby and wanted to try the buttah line. Omg it's sooooo soft can't wait to try on my little one.

Love it!

I love the diaper! The shipping was fast! I love everything! I will be ordering again! 🥰

Good option for nighttime

This is a good option for nighttime. The absorption is adequate although I have other fitted diapers with better absorption. That being said, when paired with wool we have never had leaks. These fit better than my other ones especially once they start getting bigger. I’m using them on my second kid and I’d say quality is great.

Rise is Too Small

We’ve yet to use this as I haven’t prepped yet, but there is absolutely no way the XL will fit a 12 year old. I bought for a bigger than average 5 year old and I’m so glad I went with the XL, the shorter rise on the L would never have worked. Out of curiosity, I tried the XL on both my 10 and 8 year olds, both of whom have thinner builds. It worked for the 8 year old but the short rise put it mid-butt on the 10 year old. (I’ll add for reference that my 8 year old is tiny, in the 10th percentile for growth, weight, etc.) I’m disappointed because I was hoping for something my 5 year old could use independently in the years to come, rather than lying down like a baby to have an overnight diaper put on. The absorbency looks fantastic as does the double gussets on the sides, I’m guessing that if there’s any leaking it will be out the front due to the low rise. This might work very well for a toddler who still has their chubby belly, but for a bigger child who has since slimmed down, it is less than ideal. It should work for the next couple of years, and hopefully we’ll have mastered bed wetting by then as I don’t see myself ordering more of these unless they significantly increase the rise on the XL. Also, the wings flop about a bit when set to the smallest size, you need to tuck them in, and the liner being unsecured in the front also makes independent dressing difficult. A sound product overall, but design could use some tweaking, particularly for older children who will want to use this without assistance.


I love the prints, and the durability of the diapers!

Grovia Magic Stick - Natural Diaper Balm
Best Diaper cream

This is the only diaper product I want to use. So simple and soothing on skin.

Pocket Diaper - Sheep
Maggie Prunty

These diapers have been great! They absorb well and fit my 16 month old better than the other reusable diapers we have. The price is also great!

Fantastic Pocket Diaper

I’ve been cloth diapering for 12 years. I’ve tried a lot in that time. Pockets were not ever something I liked until Mama Koala 2.0….I’m sold! They’re my favorite!

Alva BIG Diaper Cover
Alia Krerowicz

Alva BIG Diaper Cover

Fast shipping

Loved my diapers and enjoyed the fast shopping. Navigation through the website was easy and had a l great selection to choose from.

ELF Baby
Madison Ickes
Love these

I’ve always loved Elf brand, but the hook and loop have been great for daycare!

Mama koala

I love that these have hip snaps now! Good quality and price.

Kinder Cloth Pocket Diaper with Athletic Wicking Jersey 2.0
McKenzee Benedict

Kinder Cloth Pocket Diaper with Athletic Wicking Jersey 2.0

ELF Baby
ELF pocket diapers

I love how these fit my child! After searching many brands these are the best fit for us, and easy to get on (I think bc of the stretchy tabs) as he is trying to alligator roll off the changing table 😂 I do wish they came with a AWJ option, but that's just a preference, doesn't affect the quality of them.